Forest Warren Human Services is the entity that provides the linkage between the Forest and Warren County Commissioners and the publicly funded human service system that serves Forest and Warren County residents. This human service system is comprised of both mandated and optional Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MH/MR), Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Services (ATOD), and Children and Youth Services (CYS). Some services are directly provided by Forest Warren Human Services and many others are contracted out to private providers.

Forest Warren Human Services is responsible for the fiscal management of allocated Federal, State and County funds received by Forest and Warren counties for the specific purpose of provision of identified human services programs. In conjunction with the fiscal management of these dollars, Forest Warren Human Services is responsible for the management of contracts with private providers who agree to provide services in compliance with relevant licensure, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Forest Warren Human Services is also responsible for the planning requirements of each categorical program (MH/MR, CYS, ATOD). Each year a plan is developed, with consumer and community input, describing the current status and future plans/goals for each categorical.

Of particular note, is that Forest Warren Human Services operates a Centralized Intake process. The function of the Centralized Intake Unit is to provide a single point of access to CYS, MH/MR and ATOD programs. Cross-trained staff:

A list of services and detailed descriptions that are available to eligible Forest and Warren county residents and whether those services are provided by Forest Warren Human Services or by private providers are available in the "Services" section of this web site.