Visitation Rules

All visitors MUST be on the inmates approved visitor list.

All visitors should arrive and register ten minutes prior to the scheduled visit time.

Visiting days and hours are assigned by the housing unit and cell the inmate occupies. 

Visitors will be required to produce photo identification prior to visiting.

Visitors under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be a child, stepchild or grandchild of the inmate they are visiting.

Visitors will supervise their children at all times

Visitors are required to be orderly, not take pictures, not smoke, not bring in cell phones or any other contraband into the facility.

No foul or abusive language may be used at any time.

Visitors must be dressed appropriately at all times. Discretion in this matter will be left up to correctional staff.

During an emergency, visiting may be terminated and visitors directed to leave the building.

Citizens that have been Inmates are required to wait for 1 full year after incarceration to visit other Inmates.

Any violation of the visiting rules may result in temporary or permanent termination of visiting privileges.

Visitors may be subjected to a “pat down” search by law enforcement if there is a suspicion of contraband.

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