Warren County Prison



The Warren County Prison, under the authority of the Warren County Prison Board, and as supervised by the Warden of the County, is charged with operating the county prison in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our mission is to provide care, custody and control of all those incarcerated according to all legal standards. We always support a safe environment to the inmates as well as the community we serve. The Warren County Prison trains and maintains a professional staff, and fosters a positive atmosphere within the prison. The overall goal of the Warren County Prison is to reintegrate the incarcerated back into the community in better condition than they arrived through proper inmate classification and through the administration of rehabilitative programming. During incarceration, we deliver a clear message to all inmates regarding their responsibilities and issues of accountability which will grant them positive rewards. We provide services of the highest quality to all agencies which interact with our administration along with encouraging and supporting all volunteer groups that strive for a positive effect on the inmate population. Our agency strives to be a community partner in crime prevention and community safety.

  1. Rusty Barr


  2. Ryan Tipton

    Deputy Warden

  3. Randy Owen

    Lieutenant/Work Release

  4. Chris Greene

    Office Manager

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