Community Advocate

Tammy Hawk
Parent Advocate
Phone: 814-726-2100 ext. 8406
Email: hawkt(at) 

A complex system of Federal, State, and Local laws, as well as, policies and regulations, oversees the special education system.  The Community Advocate helps families to navigate the special education system in order to identify needed supports and services in the school setting to meet the child’s individual needs.  This advocate can accompany parents to IEP and 504 meetings to offer advice and assistance.  Learning Disabilities, Autism, Behavioral and Mental Health, Chronic Illness, Intellectual Disabilities, Vision and Hearing Impairment, Speech and Language, and ADHD (Executive Functioning) can require accommodations and modifications in the school environment to ensure success for your child.   If you have questions or concerns regarding school and/or community, supports and services please call:  Tammy Hawk, FWHS Community Advocate at 814-726-8406 or 814-730-1930 for assistance.